Ultrasonic Parts Cleaning

When we purchased our Eastern Precision EP3523 Ultra Sonic parts washer in 2011 the use of ultrasonic’s was relatively new to the automotive industry, but it had been used for years in the aero-space industry.  Ultrasonic cleaning allows parts of all types of virtually any material to be thoroughly cleaned with simple detergents, while eliminating manual work -with the attendant possibility for parts damage-or blast media -with it’s attendant possibility for parts contamination or the introduction of F.O.D.

The EP3523 represents the state-of-the-art in parts cleaning and removes over 99% of carbon build-up without the use of blast media. This is vitally important with modern 4valve cylinder heads that very often have a maze of oil-galleys just waiting to accumulate blast media. And carbon build-up is not where the benefits end. Many water-cooled heads suffer with corrosion in the coolant cavities as the result of the use of improper coolants. For years we have flushed castings repeatedly and watched this scale flow out of the passages. Our approach to this problem has always been to flush with high-pressure steaming hot water until we see no more scale flowing out of the passages.  We knew there was still more up in there, but there just wasn’t a practical way to remove it. Ultra-Sonics has changed that.

Our switch to Ultrasonic cleaning is in keeping with my goal to deliver the best finished-product possible.

And Ultrasonic cleaning is safer for the environment as it doesn’t involve caustic solvents in anyway. Heated detergent handles the degreasing, while powerful accoustics handle the rest.  Peak energy consumption is less than half of conventional automotive spray cabinet washers. And energy consumption is further reduced by eliminating the need for media blasting, which consumes a great deal of energy.  Ultra-Sonics does a top-notch job of removing stains, oxidation, crud and carbon build-up while reducing the carbon footprint required to do so. That’s a win-win for all of us.

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