944s,944S2Cylinder Heads

Porsche 944s/968 Services

This family of Porsche heads, including the 4 valve 928’s and 968’s, are simply magnificent. Nice port shapes with enough space to really move some air. These heads make power. We can help them make more.
All versions are very hard on valve guides, especially the exhaust. They also are prone to deck corrosion issues that can lead to leaking and blown head gaskets. We have a systematic repair that removes the corroded area and replaces the material with the correct alloy TIG welding rod. The finished weld is pneumatically peened for strength before the deck is diamond milled for a perfect finish. This process restores a smooth, flat deck suited for modern MLS head gaskets.    
In 1999 a 944S2 head landed in our shop with a very nasty failure. The intermediate chain tensioner had failed causing it to break its cast aluminum mount away from the head. We’d heard of this failure, but up to that point had not seen it first hand.
Broken 944s2 cylinderhead
944S2 cylinderhead, before the HAM repair.
After welding in a blank boss we worked overtime that week developing a fixture that allowed us to machine the new boss back to factory specs. Before making the repair we determined the casting was a bit light in the area of the boss, so we beefed it up. The finished repair is stronger, while maintaining the critical factory alignment. And best of all the repair cost is a fraction of replacement cost. Over the years we’ve repaired many, many heads suffering this failure, saving customers a lot of money along the way. Repaired 944s2 Cylinderhead
944S2 cylinderhead, after the HAM repair.

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