We No Longer Work With Used Type4 Cylinderheads

We stopped working with used bus heads in 2007 because more than half of the heads sent to us had terminal cracks deep inside the exhaust ports. These heads suffer greatly from extreme heat and countless heat cycles. A hefty percentage had been abused by other shops. With new, beefy AMC castings available at a price point lower than costs associated with cleaning, the most basic casting repairs (they all need some), even if the heads looked okay, this move to new heads was a no brainer.

At the end of 2013 we made the decision to stop working with used 914 and 912E heads as well. That year, of the dozen or so pairs sent to us for inspection, only three pairs met our strict criteria for remanufacture. The primary offense being hack work by other shops and heat related damage.

At this point in time we can offer a new head replacement for any Type4 application. From our base model Blueprint Specials for campers to our LE-200’s for extreme performance applications we have you covered. Our RS+ heads are plug & play replacements for the 2.0 914/4. These are available from the Type4Store as are our LE-200’s and Camper Specials.

If those options don’t fit the bill, let us know you’re performance goals and we’ll work up an option that does.

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