BMW Airheads

We do a lot of these heads for our buddy and next door neighbor Nathan Mende of Boxerworks. We really dig these old engines. As a guy who cut his teeth on T1 VW engines I just can’t help it. Plus the heads are really easy on the back.

We offer a full line of service and upgrades, including new valve seats, performance work and twin-plugging. Here are some pics of a nice pair of stock R100’s we went through recently that got the full compliment of coatings. Ceramic in the chambers and the full length of the exhaust ports, and black exterior heat shedding material. Our coater is mum on the specifics of the black coating, but it looks and feels like Teflon and is extremely durable and highly effective at shedding heat, while the ceramic is very good at insulating the heads from the heat of combustion. Combined they make for serious heat protection and something to consider if you ride hard and spend a lot of time with the wick twisted tight.

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