About Us

Welcome to our website.  It’s not flashy like a lot of sites these days, but you’ll find more informative nuts and bolts articles about cylinder heads and our services than most others. Articles related to our detail oriented 986/996 Porsche, 987/997 Porsche, M96 Porsche, M97 Porsche and even 9A1 Porsche cylinder head work with topics ranging from our highly respected factory-like crack repairs, to our widely known, potent high-performance and race prep. And of course plenty of info about our Type 4 head work, like the extremely popular Blueprint Specials for VW transporters.

Now for a bit about my shop. 

Hoffman Automotive Machine Inc. is a small business in Watkinsville, Georgia founded in 1996 by me, Len Hoffman. We specialize in personalized, detail oriented, value-added, aluminum cylinder head service. 

I opened the doors in 1996 determined to provide every customer with the best possible precision machined products and services available.  Over the years we have met that goal and our business has grown. I’m very proud of the reputation we’ve built and the relationships we’ve developed with countless customers. Our cylinderheads have been distributed to 46 U.S. states (and counting) including Alaska and Hawaii and foreign customers in Australia, Canada, England, France, Germany, Sweden, South Africa and even Russia.

We are aluminum cylinder head specialist. None of our tooling ever comes into contact with iron heads. Beyond ultrasonic cleaning we do not offer bottom-end services, with the exception of a limited amount of case work for some aircooled engines. We don’t spread ourselves thin by offering a broad range of services for anything that walks or crawls through the door. Our narrow focus is on providing the best possible cylinderheads for your application.   

We are the choice of meticulous professional engine builders throughout the U.S. who have found it more profitable to rely on our specialized value-added service than to run their own cylinder head program or trust the local machine shop.

Every time a pro bolts together an engine it’s his reputation that’s on the line. Most of our pro customers specialize in high-end performance vehicles and need to know that the most complex assembly they install is going to live up to their customers expectations for performance and reliability.  So effective have we been at delivering the goods that some of our best customers prefer to keep us a secret.  And that’s okay with us. We provide contract R&D and offer proprietary development, as well as production rebuilding and remanufacturing to customer specifications.

While this type of cylinder head program is not required for most shops or individuals, every one of our customers, big or small, benefits from this dedication to quality and service.  And because we spend so much time on R&D it’s inevitable that much of what we learn trickles down to a multitude of lower budget applications that don’t generally see such development.  

Our cylinder head services include:

 Stock rebuilding, blueprinting and re-manufacturing.

High performance street prep.

Competition prep.

Contract R&D

High-end repairs of valuble castings

Production rebuilding and remanufacturing for exchange programs.

Over the years HAM has prepared competition cylinderheads of a variety of Makes for:

SCCA ,ITA, ITB, ITC, ITS, Spec.Miata, E,F&H-Production, T2, Solo and a variety of Autocross classes   

-Grand Am Continental Sports Car Series ST,  

-A variety of P.O.C. & P.C.A. classes, 

-A variety of N.A.S.A. classes

-Amateur British Rally

-Several classes racing in various Historic Racing series, including Type4 Super Vee.

Coverage includes: All aluminum heads with an emphasis on All Porsche models, liquid & air, All BMW Autos & Bikes, Subaru, Honda, Mazda.

We have the machinery, tooling and expertise to solve virtually any cylinderhead problem and have aluminum casting repair techniques that can reclaim very seriously damaged heads.

In addition we also have years of R&D and real-world racing experience that gives us great insight into what it takes to go fast and be around when the checkered flag waves.