Used Type 4 Cylinderhead Service Policy

We do still work with all models of used Type 4 heads, except the O.E. VW 2.0 Transporter heads. Please see our  options for New 2.0 Transporter heads. We offer only complete re-manufacturing of Type 4 heads.

We will not service heads suffering with the following issues:

-Severe detonation damage.

-Severe water damage

-Prior weld work in the combustion chambers.

-Excessive fly-cutting

-Port work that we deem to be excessive or poorly executed

-They have a GEX stamp.

-They have a JCS stamp

-Poor casting repairs to valve cover rail, push-rod tube bores, rocker stands.

-This covers the majority of the issues that will drop a head from consideration for service, but there may be other  reasons your head(s) don’t qualify.

Some prior work performed by another shop, while it may not kick the heads out of consideration for our services, may cause an increase in the service cost. The most common examples of this are if oversize valve seats have been installed, or if poor quality work has been performed to the exhaust stud bosses.

We will service heads if they have dropped a valve seat and the damage is confined to the seat counter-bore and the immediate area. This is what we typically see when the seat works lose and wedges sideways into the head. This usually looks worse than it actually is and the repair is surprisingly affordable.

We will service heads if they have suffered minor water damage in an intake port. Provided the heads are not being considered for high-performance port work. If the damage is very minor we may still consider the heads for HP work, but this is done on a case-by-case basis.

We encourage you to send us as many photos of your heads as you like to help us determine if your heads meet our criteria for service. We will do our best to spot any issues in these photos. However, if heads are sent to us for inspection that are not eligible for service the customer is responsible for the return shipping cost if they want the heads back.