M96/97 Services

–Stock Blue Printing- Heads are stripped, and Ultrasonic cleaned, followed by media blasting as needed. Heads are power-flushed, and care is taken to blow compressed air through tight internal coolant passages using a long capillary tube. This removes lodged water-pump impeller blades. Valves inspected, cleaned & ground. Guides are inspected for wear, R&R’d if needed. Seats are cut using flow tested performance profiles with enough contact area to ensure good valve heat dissipation for longer valve seat life. Stem ht’s are checked and adjusted as needed.  The work receives a final QC before the head decks are precision diamond milled for a near mirror finish.  We can make super precise cuts in .0005″ increments. Heads are reassembled using a new, superior Viton valve stem seals that are pre-lubed with a few drops of Brad-Penn 30wt to ensure the seals don’t run dry during initial start-up. Valves stems are pre-lubed using Lubri-Plate high-pressure lithium grease for excellent resistance to galling during initial start-up even after a long shelf life.