How To Package M96/97 Heads For Shipping

For each head, bolt the cam bearing caps in position (no cams), place the lifter housing in position with a couple of bolts, bolt the cam/valve cover in place (4 bolts are enough for that) and slip each head in a heavy plastic garbage bag to prevent oil from leaking onto the cardboard. We won’t need any other parts.

Use a box for each head. One box with both heads is too heavy and increases the chances of damage from mishandling. The boxes we use measure 12″ x 18″ x 24″, but bigger is okay.   

Lowes & Home Depot sell packages of white pre-cut insulation panels that are 3/4″ thick.

Lowes Item # 15350 Model # 900050. 

These are great for lining the top, bottom and sides of a cardboard box. The packages are inexpensive – $9.99 in our neck of the woods, and two packs will be more than enough for the boxes.

We put three layers of the foam on the bottom, and line the sides and top with at least two more layers. 

Be sure to leave a little room in the boxes for the sides to push in without damaging the heads, in case the boxes are mishandled. If there’s no extra space in the boxes, then the sides can be shoved in and damage the heads. A couple of inches of crush room works well. It won’t hurt for the heads to move around in the boxes if they are well lined with foam.

DO NOT USE BUBBLE WRAP INSTEAD OF FOAM! The bubbles pop from the weight of the head and then you have no padding.

When you’re ready, we can e-mail you UPS return labels. We ship a lot so we get discounts that can save you a lot over the UPS store price. Once you have the labels on the boxes just take them to a UPS store or hand them to a driver. To do this we need your address and the e-mail addy you want the label sent to.