Cylinder Head Restorations

We have many very advanced techniques for the repair of damaged aluminum castings. With over 25 years experience in this area we have the know how, creativity and machinery to breath new life into heads that might otherwise end up in the scrap pile.  This is important when the casting in question is rare and/or valuable, which is often the case.

In many cases our repairs strengthen and improve weaknesses inherent in the original design.  If we can’t fashion a reliable, effective repair we’ll let you know before any work is performed.

We have repaired countless heads of many marques over the years.  Many had landed in other machine shops before coming to us.  Because of our vast experience with 356/912 heads it’s safe to say that the majority of our restorations have been with them.  And being the choice of professional Porsche restorers we’ve seen some very rare heads that needed not only casting repairs, but custom parts to replace NLA components.

It’s also quite common for customers who want to drive their older cars to have us modernize their old heads. This usually involves converting to long reach spark plugs that are much less likely to strip threads and upgrading valve seats and valves made of materials safe for unleaded fuel. For some customers we get even more radical like boring 356/912 heads for LN Engineering‘s spectacular 90mm Nickies cylinders, then providing port work and over-sized valves to match cylinder head performance with the needs of the added displacement.  You can drive that older classic while enjoying modern reliability. 

When we tackle restorations or conversions we work closely with you to make sure you’re getting what you need to get the maximum enjoyment from your vehicle.