Cylinder Head Straightening

Back in the 80’s it became obvious that a method of dealing with cam misalignment on warped OHC heads would have to be worked out. I looked at the two dominant ideas at the time; align-boring, and straightening. I quickly decided against align-boring as the need for oversize bearings, and the fact that on thru-bore heads bearings were not feasible, made the whole operation impractical, except in a few applications.
With the decision made to try straightening, we purchased an oven designed just for this procedure. It didn’t take long to realize that the attachments provided and methods described were very unpredictable, mostly ineffective, and in some cases did terminal damage to the casting. Considering that this was supposedly the most sophisticated package available, we were not very pleased. 
Disappointed, but undaunted, I tossed the manufacturers attachments and developed our own. The next step was to make the process work. It took a tremendous amount of trial and error, more than a rational person would probably be willing to take part in. During this time I read in a trade magazine that the process had been deemed “a good idea, but not very feasible”. Despite our struggles with the procedure, I refused to concede that the same forces that warped the head in the first place could not be used to reverse the damage.
BMW M50 cylinderhead clamped into straightening fixture and ready for the over
After months of experimenting we got a handle on it. Since then I have straightened literally hundreds of heads. At this point, using our 120lb custom built base fixture, in nearly 100% of cases we can pull your head to any position needed. And the casting suffers no marks or damage of any sort during the process. 

Because the deck rarely warps the same amount as the cam bores or saddles, we straighten the cam alignment, not the deck. 

We offer this as a stand-alone service, and will be happy to return your head unfinished after the straightening is completed.

Because this can be a rather time consuming process it’s largely reserved for heads that have more than average value.