Flow Bench

Our commitment to R&D is relentless. We spend a lot of time on our bench and make good use of our Audie Tech hardware and software. The Audie software allows us to conduct tests quickly and accurately, with better than 99% repeatability and features that let us analyze data fast for quicker turnaround.

We precision machine our own test plates from 1″ thick aluminum and offer in-house valve controller design and production for super accurate testing of specific lift values. Customer options include testing in conventional lift units, crank angle, or % of Valve diameter (or throat) increments.

Check our menu for the current list of heads that we are tooled up to test. The list is updated whenever we add a new head to the catalog.

If you don’t see your model listed contact us. If it is a head we feel is popular we may tool up at no charge to the customer. To the other extreme if the head is unique and we feel we are not likely to flow one again we will prepare a quote to produce the required apparatus. This service gives the fan of a unique marque the option of learning what his head is capable of.