Pressure Testing

Coolant-passage pressure testing is a service performed to determine if the casting has failed leading to a coolant leak. We offer this service for all water-cooled cylinder heads.  We have a 22-plate MTE pressure tester that allows full 360 rollover capabilities for an uninhibited view of all critical areas. And unlike submersion type pressure-testers the MTE pressure tester lets us get a close-up look at the crack while it is under pressure. This is critical in determining the exact location of the crack and whether or not a repair is feasible.

Pressure testing can save a lot of frustration and lost labor from installing a cracked cylinder head.  If the engine has overheated and blown a head gasket pressure-testing is indicated to determine if the casting was damaged in the overheating episode.  Simply decking the head and re-installing it is chancy and asking for trouble.

With 22 plates we have over 90% model coverage, including rare and vintage cylinder heads. And if needed we can produce custom plates.