Ultrasonic Parts Cleaning

The use of Ultra-Sonic’s in parts cleaning is relatively new to the automotive industry, but it’s been used for years in the aero-space industry.  Ultra-sonic cleaning allows parts of all types of virtually any material to be thoroughly cleaned with simple detergents, while eliminating manual work -with the attendant possibilitly for parts damage-or blast media -with it’s attendant possibility for parts contamination or the introduction of F.O.D.

The huge advantage that this machine brings to our shop is the ability to remove carbon without blasting. Most modern cylinderheads, especially 4 valve heads,  have a maze of oil galleys. We can strip all carbon with no blast time. Carbon stains will remain. But the stains are of no consequence.  In fact after running a head through the EP3523 I can spend a little time analyzing these stains. They can be very informative. These stains are impervious to carb cleaner, and they do not rub off, meaning that they are permanently printed on the surfaces and will remain unless polished off.

Porsche 3.6 Cayman 9A1 Cylinderhead


The dark markings in the intake ports are stains. Read more about them here.